Ronald_Iskandar's Weblog has been 1 year from my last post. so many stories and blessing has happen to me. It was also 1 year  full of disaster and bad records for Manchester United under David Moyes, but I won’t write about MU right now, just two picture to remind you how disastrous it was.







Since my last fail, I decided to back to my first dream. So I braced my self and prepared to attempt at Orthopaedic and Traumatology department at UGM. Honestly I didn’t know anything about how the system, the people, the consultants, the environment there. A little bit reckless I think. hehe

First I acquainted with one of the residents, dr.Taufiq Suwardi, because he also from Semarang. hehe This is his picture.


I asked some information about preparation for the test. I didn’t get much information, he just told me to study from Miller. Then I took the ACEPT and PAPs test at UGM before the test, I came to Jogja alone early in the morning, looked for the place for test than back to Semarang again. Praise God, I got a good enough result for both test, so I didn’t need to repeat the test.

I took the written and psychology test on 21st Oct 2013 then had the laboratory test on the next day. The total participants was 19 people. Then I had the interview test and journal presentation on Dec 5th.

And finally that good news came, there was a phone call on Dec 24th that informed if I was accepted as Orthopaedic and Traumatology department at UGM and I should came to Jogja on Dec 27th. This was truly the best christmas gift ever.

bestgiftlogo Ortho

I will introduce all of my companions in arm

ortho 7

From left:

1. It’s ME!!
2. Andika Dwi Cahyo, Unpad 2002
3. Marda Ade Saputra, UGM 2004
4. Doni Agustian, UGM 1998
5. Asa Ibrahim Zainal, UGM 2006
6. Irissandya Dyah Atisuksma, UMY 2005
7. Sudaryanto, UGM 2006

So my Boneadventure has begun….. 

Honestly, I’m really embarrassed to write about this. It is the third times I failed in PPDS, but I will keep sharing this shortly.

After last test, I confused what department that I would choose. After many considerations especially from Vania that she didn’t want to see me tortured at Obsgyn, so I decided to choose Internal Medicine.

I asked signature for reference from dr. Muchlis and dr. Arie Bachtiar then completed the requirements. The test was scheduled on 8th April 2013, and there were total 31 participants in Internal medicine. The test consist of multiple choice questions and essay questions.

Actually I felt more confident than last time when answering the questions, but when the announcement was published at 12nd April, there was no my name among 10 people who passed into second stage. That was really shocking and embarrassing because this was the worst.

It’s okay..maybe God still want me to earn more money before starting PPDS. Although I little bit confused about next plan, what department and where that I will choose, but I will always do my best to catch my dream, and make it happen. So congratz for 9 people who finally become Internal medicine residents included my friend dr. Jeprin Ruru.

at September 2012, I convinced my self to apply at the scariest department at Diponegoro University.. There are so many stories about this department, one of them is their tradition for junior resident to buy “extraordinary” foods everyday, which will spend much money – the rumor it spend more than 30 millions per month – just for food, .. wew..

other story, a minority person like me will be very difficult to enter that department – people call it the “X factor” – moreover if you don’t have “blue blood” kingdom family.. but, if you brave enough and out of mind like me, you may try it..hehe..

I had a paper test on 8th October, together with other 14 people who apply at this department, it was a very difficult 50 numbers multiple choice, about anatomy and physiology maternal. Unintentionally, after the test I knew that the questions was taken from book by dr. Thamrin Tanjung..  After the paper test, I had a Basic Surgical Skill Test about how to make an incision, interrupted technique, make a knot and deep tie technique

Fortunately, I with 5 others went through to second round – the Psychology & laboratory test and the interview – and I was the only one who graduated from Undip..  At The Laboratory test I got a problem on ECG that show “Sinus Bradycardia” which required me to take the echocardiography test (f.y.i it cost almost Rp 500.000,-) and there was binocular test which quite difficult for me, maybe because of my myopia. one of binocular test is watch Lang II card like picture below..

on 29th October, I had an Interview with 5 supervisors: dr.Besari, Prof.Noor, dr.Mirza, dr.Supriyono, dr.Bambang.W. Each of them asking questions about motivation, why choose Undip, Visi of Undip & RSDK, maternal death ratio. I was the first person who interviewed, so can you imagine how nervous I was. Surprisingly, after the interview finished, there was announcement that we should take the second interview on the next had never happened before..

So on Tuesday I had the second interview, this time with: dr Edi, dr Erwinanto, dr Hary, dr Hartono, and dr.Syarief. the questions were almost same with the first day, but this time less scary. ;p

After all the process, there was announcement on 14th November that only three who get passed become an Obsgyn Resident at Undip, and again I didn’t make it.. I didn’t know whether should sad or happy, because three persons mean you should give more extraenergy and extramoney, until your face will be similar with ZOMBIE..

So congratz and goodluck for my friends dr. Mulya Kurniawan, dr. Fionna Felicia, and dr. M. Erwin Jaya.

and for me..don’t lose your dream and keep fight.. #selftalk..


During PTT in West Bangka as I shortly share before, I decided to try to enroll PPDS in UI, the consideration I chose UI because it is not really far to round trip Bangka and Jakarta.

First I had a TOEFL test at LIA Pramuka Jakarta on January 5th, 2012, I really study hard for this test because I realize I only had once chance, fortunately I got score 577, so I completed files for the registration and waited for examination call.

At the end of March I got a phone call that informed I had to had Psychological test at 7th April 2012, then Paper test at 16th April 2012 and interview at 26th April 2012. That call made me excited and confused at the same time, because I was at Bangka, and to get absence permission for about three weeks was impossible. So I decided to travel round Bangka-Jakarta in every examination, of course this will spend much money..

First I came to Jakarta at 6th April, a Good Friday, after had a Mass then I rested at Duren Sawit Clinic. The next day, after had completed the registration, The Psychological test started from 08.00 with filled the identity. since that day I knew that there were 22 participants who also attempted in Orthopaedic, as I remember, 1 from USU, 1 from UNS, 2 from Trisakti, 6 from UI, I forgot the rest of them. hehe Test consisted of MMPI, basic mathematics, language, IQ, EQ, WARTEGG test, draw a tree, etc. We finished the test at 16.00, what a tiring test..

Then I had a paper test on 16th April 2012 , it’s essay test about Arthritis Septic, Osteosarcoma, Osteoarthritis, Ricketsia, Open Tibia Fractur. Actually, it wasn’t really difficult if we had studied well, but we had to work fast because the time was only 60 minutes, include extra question about your motivation and plan about studied orthopaedic.

The last step was interview on 26th April 2012. the interview start on 11.00 and we called one by one, I got number 5th. Almost all of the supervisor were there, the famous one is Prof. Djoko Simbardjo.

The questions were about why choose UI, where will do you live, how much money you had prepared, where will you work, etc. Where I was interviewed, there was powerpoint slide about my profile and my exam mark, so I knew I got 66 for my paper test.. not bad..hehe..

That’s all the steps, then I waited for the announcement. but, for Orthopaedic UI, there was a quick clue, if you didn’t get a phone call one or two days after interview it meant that you were not accepted there.. And unfortunately I didn’t got that phone call and 3 weeks later the official announcement by mail came. It’s okay, maybe It wasn’t my fate to studied at Jakarta. Let’s try to catch the dream at other place.. KEEP DREAMING..

It has been so long since my last post, I didn’t update this blog.. Now, I’ll try to collect my enthusiasm to write again..

This story began when I was invited by Surya to have PTT (“Pegawai Tidak Tetap") at West Bangka (I apology can’t find the English translation for “PTT”). He told me that in Bangka, the conditions there (signal, electricity, and water) were not really bad, so I agreed to have PTT there.

I went to Bangka in May 2011, for your information, this was my first time flight with plane, and my first time went to Sumatera. First I came to Muntok, the district capital of West Bangka. This is a small , rich with tin, and quiet developed city. The way from Pangkalpinang (the capital of Bangka Belitung) to Muntok have been an asphalt road, which distance is about 137 km.

First I lived in rent room with Surya in Muntok, wait for SK PTT that indicate I officially work there. Finally the SK released in the middle of June, I placed in Jebus Public Health Center. I was given a house but I should move from it if the new head of Public Health Center was elected. (at that moment, Jebus was led by temporary headship). So after some considerations, I prefer lived in Muntok with Surya and have a round trip for about 135 km every day by motorcycle.. what a crazy choice..

For the first few months, I was happy there, but as time goes, I felt quiet tired with those round trip, lack of patients in my clinic in Muntok, and so many quarrel with Vania, my girlfriend, I really wanted to end this as soon as possible and return to Semarang.

I only earned about 4-5 millions / month here, while other doctor could earned up to 15-20 millions / month, maybe it was not my luck to work here. hehe.. has been 1 year I work at Bangka.. There are not much story I can share to you.. I have never gone around here, just go to work, then to my clinic.. I’ve just ever visit Tanjung Kalian Beach at Muntok, Parai Beach at Sungailiat and went around Pangkalpinang with Surya at first I came to Bangka.. These are some photos.. first when I went to Parai Beach at Sungai Liat..

and this when I went to Tanjung Kalian Beach at Muntok

It was a great 1 year experience at Bangka, hope one day I will come back there.. Now I have in Semarang , meet my family and Vania, and prepare for my dream.. God Bless..

Me and Jebus’s staff

MANCHESTER UNITED have knocked Liverpool off their England’s Perch after win Premier League for 19 times..

These are some rewards and records in 2010/2011 season:

Sir Alex Ferguson won Barclays Manager of the Year 2010/2011


Nemanja Vidic won Barclays Player of the Year 2010/2011




Dimitar Berbatov won Top Goalscorer of Premier League 2010/2011 alongside Carlos Tevez with 21 goals, Berba also made the most Hat-trick in a season with 3 Hat-trick (against Liverpool (3-2) , Birmingham City (5-0), and 5 goals when destroy Blackburn Rovers 7-1)


Javier “Chicarito” Hernandez won Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year 2011 (voted by Red Devil’s Supporter)


Luis Nani won Player’s Player of the Year 2011, he also got the most assist with 18 assists in a season.



Wayne Rooney won Goal of the Year 2011 since his sensational overhead kick goal against Manchester City at Old Trafford on 12th February



Manchester United also made undefeated home season at OLD TRAFFORD.




But we have to say good bye to Edwin Van Der Sar and Gary Neville for the retirement.. Hope MU will get the matched replacement’s player..


22nd May 2011, I was in Duren Sawit Clinic, I found a mystery in the bathroom. I put my soap box and shampoo bottle on the edge of bathing tub. Once I found that my soap box was fall down, I thought it was shoved by cat or rat, since I notice there were cat and rat in this clinic. But if that so, why shampoo bottle just beside the soap box didn’t fall? However I though that it was a coincidental.

Then in the evening I found my soap box was fall down again and the shampoo bottle was still in its place.. “what’s going on here? Is it coincidental again” that was I thought, but when I take the soap, I found the soap was nibbled at many place.. If it was cat or rat, do they eat soap? I still didn’t believe that, even I thought that it was a ghost who ate the soap..haha..

This is the photo what’s happen to my soap..

2011-05-23 07.09.18

Then I searched in internet about rat and soap, since there was a old kid song in Indonesia titled “Tikus Makan Sabun” and I found unique fact that mice or rat also been known to eat soap as well as glue if they found nothing to eat. They like soap because of it’s fat content. However, rat or mice are rodents, so they rather nibble and chewing things (include soap, electrical wire,  etc) instead of eat them.. So I felt relieve because it wasn’t ghost who ate my soap..hehe.. out your soap if there are mice in your home..!!!


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